SATO PB2-230 label-2 lines -10+10 digits


SATO PB2-230 – 2 lines Labeller with 10 +10 Digits

Label Size : 23.4mm X 16.2mm
Label Shape : Rectangular
No of Line : 2 line
No of Digits : 20 Digits ( Top 10 digits and lower line 10 Digits )

Application : Use for Price Marking, Date Coding, SKU, Dispensing tool for “Imported By ” label, 
MFG Date, Address Label and many other application

Country of Origin : Made in Vietnam



SATO PB230 PRICE LABELLER hand labeller allows you to print up to a max of 20 alpha-numerical characters on 2 lines.

Although standard units are available in either all-numeric or all-alpha only, we can custom-arrange the printing bands for your special needs.

This versatility broadens the usage of more than just a simple price marking tools. It is commonly used for price-marking applications, product identifications and for control purpose. It is so versatile and economy that many companies buy it just for the purpose of dispensing certain preprinted product identification labels.

Talk to us about the band customization for PB2-230 labeller.


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