SATO CW408 Series


SATO CW408 printer 

The CW408 printer is a compact, easy to install and user-friendly printer designed to fulfill all your ticketing and labeling needs.
Packed with many useful features you can leverage, the CW408 printer is the printer for any business looking to boost their operational efficiency (such as temporary reception & exhibition areas, ticketing, kiosks, etc) 
and drive business growth.

Automatic paper feed – Zero label wastage!
The automatic paper feed function allows you to easily load labels without
opening the cover and enables printing from the first label thus preventing label
wastage. Maintenance is also simple as the printer cover opens wide thus
allowing you to easily clean the thermal head and platen roller.
Easy to install, compact design
Compared to conventional compact 4-inch printers, the CW408 takes up
approximately 30% less space and is ideal for integrated applications and usage
at narrow spaces such as temporary reception areas, exhibition areas, ticketing,
kiosks etc.
Equipped with organic Electroluminescent (EL) display – Easy to read even
in the dark!
As one of the first 4-inch label printers to be equipped with the organic EL display,
letters can be read clearly on the screen, even in dark places. The scrolling text
display also allows for easy reading of operating instructions.



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