PAXAR 1110 Labeller – Single line – 8 Digits


The Monarch® 1110® Labeler is backed by the best service organization in the industry.
This includes 24-hour turnaround repair and your guarantee of 100% satisfaction. 
Discover for yourself how these quality Labelers will help you complete those necessary tasks easily and efficiently.

The industry standard for single-line price marking.
• Lines of Print: 1
• Max. Bands Per Print Head: 8
• Character Height: Maximum 5 mm
• Label Width: .73″ (19 mm)
• Label Length: .380″ (10 mm)
• Labels Per Roll: 1063
• Rolls per Sleeve: 17
• Feed Direction: Portrait (vertical)
• Print Direction: Landscape (horizontal)
• Weight: 9.5 oz.(270 g)
• Inking Method: Disposable Porous Roller
• Operating Method: Squeeze, Release and Apply
• Operating Instructions and Ink Roller Included

Layout : Standard

Country of Origin : USA



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