OPTICON OPC 3301i (1D) / OPI 3301i (2D) Wireless Barcode Scanner

OPTICON OPC 330Ii / OPI 3301i

  • Kit set comes with a BT scanner, USB BT dongle, Charging Cradle and Power Adapter.

The OPR3301 uses the widely available and reliable Bluetooth wireless communication protocol, 
which allows the scanned data to be instantly transmitted to any Bluetooth capable device.
Scanned data is stored on-board the OPR3301 in case the Bluetooth receiver moves out 
of range or is temporarily unavailable. 
This prevents data loss as well as loss of retracing time, contributing to continuous mobile working.

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Opticon OPC3301li (1D type USB ) : S$ 445.00 per unit, Opticon OPI 3301li (2D type USB) : S$ 570.00


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