UCAT-3 Heavy-Duty Powered Label Unwinders
This powered Unwinder automatically tracks label usage and provides powered label feed at speeds up to 125 cm/sec. The UCAT-3 accepts standard 76 mm cores and rolls up to 300 mm in diameter. 255 mm width is available. It can also be used as a full-featured Label Rewinder without any special setup. LABELMATE’s renowned Constant Adjustable Torquetm control system allows precise adjustment of feed speeds and rewind torque. External STOP / RUN Input included.
UCAT-40 Heavy-Duty Powered Label Unwinders

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UCAT-S: This is the world’s least expensive professional Unwinder. It is unpowered and has a trouble-free fixed brake. The UCAT-S accepts up to 300 mm diameter rolls and up to 155 mm width, 76mm cores. Powered Unwinder for label rolls with 76mm core diameter standard. 38, 40, 44, 50 or 70mm on request. Continuously adjustable feed rate. Control arm tracks label unwind usage and starts & stops unwinding automatically. Also rewinds. LABEL WIDTH (mm) : 155mm ROLL DIAM.(mm) : 300m SPEED* (cm/sec) : 125mm


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