LABELMATE S-200-S Label Slitter


UCAT-1-10” Heavy-Duty Label Unwinder;
– S-200 Heavy-Duty Label Slitter;
– 3 Blade Holders with blades;
– CAT-3-CHUCK-10” Heavy-Duty Rewinder;
– 1 Aluminium and 3 Thin Plastic Separator Plates
(220mm diameter);
– ‘LINK’: Adjustable Locking Bar to lock units together in position;
– 15V Power Supply.The S-200 Label Slitters



The most convenient solution for slitting and rewinding narrow labels. LABELMATE Label Slitters allow you to print small labels several across and then slit them to the desired width. This multiplies your print efficiency and dramatically increases your print head life and ribbon usage efficiency. The rugged LABELMATE S-200 are High-Speed, Heavy-Duty Label Slitters identical in construction except for size.
The Slitters can be used either “in-line” or “off-line”. In “in-line” use, the Slitter is placed between the printer output and the Label Rewinder. The slitting speed is determined by the printer output speed. In “off-line” use, the Slitter is placed between a UCAT Unwinder and a CAT-3 Rewinder. Off-line slitting is recommended for production work or for use with three or more blades. With slitting speeds up to 125cm/sec in “off-line” mode, you’ll make fast work of your slitting jobs-



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